Counselling & Psychotherapy Chris Payne
Camden NW1 - City Rd EC1V - London Bridge SE1

What to Expect

We will work in comfortable, peaceful surroundings.
I blend two therapeutic approaches, which I find fit together well.Two new lenses to look through.
The PSYCHODYNAMIC model uses interactions between client and therapist  - you and me – to        understand unconscious ways of relating, which it’s likely developed in infancy.
The approach looks BACK
That way, we dislodge unproductive patterns, freeing you up to change.
The TRANSPERSONAL  approach uses imagination to view life as a journey.
Each life has its own unique meaning. Jung’s findings are influential here.
This approach looks FORWARD.
My work is inspired by the Archetypal Psychology of James Hillman and Thomas Moore



Envy and Gratitude – Melanie Klein
Dark Nights of the Soul – Thomas moore

Neurosis - the daily catastrophe, ready for use
CG Jung, letters vol 1 332-4